We warmly welcome you to the home page of INTEXT group of companies. Our website is to be designed in English, French and Polish for your choice.
You will read about the company from its        foundation to present, the management team with unrivalled commitment and interdisciplinary experience and of course its innovative and competitive products as well as services.
Our proposal is simple: no matter how your idea is connected to our company, feel free taking part in this revolution via INTEXTS.ORG. After having complied with our Policy and had a good deal with us, you may see your name or the name of your company within our Partners.
Should you have any questions or feedback, feel free to join us conveniently.
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Cloud Sanny.


INTEXT-POLAND Cloud-Omer D. Sanny
ul. Wolności 1/23
44-109 Gliwice
Telefon:+48 695648077


INTEXT is actually an IT and Language-based consulting company and set up to become an international group of different national companies like INTEXT-POLAND. They aim at facing challenging issues of:


We provide Education in both public and private institutions and E-learning for individuals or group classes in:

  • English, French & Polish languages 

  • Subjects like Maths & Physics 
  • Computer Skills coaching/Up-grading based on Windows, Microsoft Office & softwares of IT/CAE/CAD/CAM



  • Classes in English, French and Polish
  • Quick and efficient translation of all types of documents & speeches from/into English, Polish & French
  • Consulting & Management of Business correspondence between two partners in English, Polish and French



  • Computer Skills coaching, Up-dating & Up-grading

  • Computer Network Management and Maintenance   in terms of Hardware & Software based on Windows Server 2kx

  • Web-mastering & hosting

  • Computer Aided-Design -CAD



In order to promote African products and protect African Heritage in the 21st century, we are intended to provide:

  • AfroBiz:
    should you need a good from Africa, feel free to contact us, please!

  • AfroAgro:
    Manufacturing and use a multitask machine in agriculture for planting, watering, weeding, and harvesting

  • AfroTour:
    should you need to discover entire Africa? Have an African country on Niche Package-Tour every year!

  • AfroDev:
    should you need to invest in Africa or participate in its development, contact us, please!
  • AfroPro:
    Are you a fan of Africa? Let's get fighting against Discrimination, Apartheid any Abusive manifestations-  AfroDemo.

  • AfroEvent: should you need to be close to Africa, have Africa Day and Debates at integration meetings.

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